Wedding Disposable Cameras

A nice touch to any reception is to make sure you have plenty of wedding disposable cameras on hand. This gives your guests the chance to capture important and memorable snapshots throughout your special day.

Most couples like to experience the good time that their friends and family are having around them as well as seeing the different photos taken from different angles of guests or of the bridal party. Most disposable cameras that are used in weddings come in a variety of different patterns, colors and themes in order to compliment the theme or décor used at the Reception venue.

Depending on the size of each guest table one or two Wedding Cameras may be placed on each and sometimes the bridal table may have a couple to take photos of their guests or special moments.

At the end of the Reception, make sure you have a designated person collect all the cameras and organize them to be developed at a local photo shop.

These disposable type cameras designed with weddings in mind traditionally come in a special pack of ten, 35mm cameras. Each camera allows up to 27 exposures and comes with a built in flash for taking photos indoors. The film is ASP400 speed and batteries are already inside each camera for click and go readiness. The expiration date is very generous giving you ample time to use and develop them after the event.